What are the Special Features of your Shipping Policy?

We believe in providing the highest quality medicines and services to our dear customers. Our shipping policies are totally amazing and they would be shipped in no time. We follow the methods of express shipping and have tied up with the best shipping companies like Fedex and DHL. Our users have been totally satisfied by the "always on-time" delivery of the products.

Are there any offers that I would be entitled for?

During festive seasons like Xmas, New Year, Valentines Day and the likes, you would be entitled for free shipping under certain offers. This is what makes this buzzpharmacy.net different from others. We care for our customers by catering to their needs.

Would there by any delay in the delivery of the products?

We deliver the medicines directly at your doorstep and there wouldn't be any sort of delays. We don't believe in making our customers wait for the delivery. The goods always reach on time, come what may and under any circumstances.

How long does it take to ship the medicines within US and the rest of the world?

We have an overnight delivery service of 72 hours within USA. On other occasions, for countries other than US, the medicines get delivered promptly within 3 to 5 days. We ship worldwide and only rarely one can expect a slight delay due to seasonal changes. But that is very rare and almost never happens.

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